Pool Name
Knights of Columbus Arlington 2473/Columbus Club of Arlington, Inc.

The Knights of Columbus Arlington 2473/Columbus Club of Arlington, Inc.

All Members in Good Standing of the Knights of Columbus Arlington 2473/Columbus Club of Arlington, Inc. (“Club”), their Guests, Sponsored Families and Non-Sponsored Families (“Members”) are entitled to use the Knights of Columbus Arlington 2473/ Columbus Club of Arlington, Inc. Aquatic facilities. The Board of Directors may suspend this privilege with respect to Members who are delinquent in their fees and/or for those having outstanding violations of Knights of Columbus Arlington 2473/Columbus Club of Arlington, Inc. Rules and Regulations.

Admission to the Pool

MEMBERS must be on the pool membership list.

*Cancellation Policy: All sales are final and are not refundable except in the case of government or military relocation. Memberships are NOT Transferable. All inquires can be sent to Nick Beirne at operations@columbusclubevents.com

Guest Fees

For members guest only:

  • Children – $5 (all times) under 3 is FREE
  • Adults – $10 (all times)
  • Senior Citizen – $5 – age 60 and above

Guest Registration

Members must accompany their guests to the pool and must place their own names and each guest’s name in the Guest Registration Book as they enter.

Weather Policy

When weather or other conditions dictate that the pool area should be closed (which means that the entire pool deck surface must be cleared of all individuals) in the interest of safety (for example, during storms with thunder and lightening, or during heavy rain when life guards cannot see the bottom of the pool) the pool manager shall have the authority to close the pool. In the event of lightning or dangerous weather, the pool will normally remain closed for at least 30 minutes following the storm and/or reopen at the discretion of the manager. Parents are reminded that it is their responsibility to provide transportation, if necessary, for their children in the event that the pool is closed.

Managers’ Authority

The manager on duty shall have final and conclusive authority to interpret and enforce all rules relating to health and safety and may eject any persons failing to observe them or who are conducting themselves improperly.

For purposes of these rules, adults are persons 21 years of age or older.

Rules for Use of the Swimming Pools

  1. The Club is represented by the managers and lifeguards of American Pool, who have been instructed in the rules of the pool. Conflicts shall be addressed with the Pool Manager or Assistant Manager, who will bring the issue to the Club General Manager if it cannot be satisfactorily resolved.
  2. Certified lifeguards will be on duty at all times that the pool is open. They have authority to use their discretion to enforce the rules and maintain a safe and healthy environment. The Pool Manager (Manager) is in charge of the pool and is there for the protection of persons using the pool. The Manager has the authority to require anyone to leave the pool area for infractions of the rules or when safety is threatened. The Manager may prohibit entry to anyone for up to two (2) days for each violation. A suspension of 3-30 days will require review and authorization by Club General Manager. A suspension of greater than thirty (30) days will require authorization of the Board of Directors. Do not talk to a lifeguard who is on duty unless it is a matter of safety.
  3. Safety is of primary concern to the Club and its members. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk and agree to abide by the rules for use of the facility. The Club assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for any loss or damage to personal property. Members are responsible for the actions of their children and guests.
  4. Age and Ability Restrictions (Basic Swim Test) – Children who are NOT toilet-trained are restricted to the baby pool. Toilet-trained 3-and-unders may use the other pools during break times, provided that each child is held in the water by an adult. Children under 10 must always be accompanied and under the supervision of an adult member. Children may swim in water over their heads provided they have passed the basic swimming test which successfully completes and passes the swim test administered by the lifeguard(s) (one lap in the swim team pool-non stop, and then immediately treading water for three (3) minutes) he/she may enter the pool area without supervision and a record will be kept on file at the front desk. Children under 13 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible person age eighteen (18) years or older while in the pool area. All non swimmers must be accompanied by their guardian with arms reach who is in the water-floaters or not. Persons unable to demonstrate to the lifeguards their ability to swim will NOT be permitted in the deep water.
  5. No person shall use the pool facilities unless the pool is officially open and lifeguards are on duty. Unauthorized persons found inside the pool enclosure when the pool is closed will lose their privileges for the remainder of the summer and risk prosecution for trespassing.
  6. All bathers shall take a shower using soap and warm water and thoroughly rinsing off before entering the pool. (Parents are encouraged to instruct their children.)
  7. Persons who have obvious infections (colds, lesions, open sores, etc.) will not be allowed in the pool. Sanitary habits are the responsibility of everyone and anyone displaying improper behavior will be asked to leave the pool area.
  8. No Smoking is permitted within the confines of the pool area or bathhouse.
  9. Food and drinks are prohibited in the pool or the pool deck areas that are fenced in (INCLUDING THE BABY POOL) or in the bathhouse area during normal hours of operation. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited. Plastic water bottles are allowed on the deck.
  10. Breakable objects (glass, brittle plastics, etc.) are not permitted in the pool area; coolers may be inspected. No cans or bottles on the grounds at any time.
  11. Intoxicants will not be permitted in the pool area during normal hours of operation. Intoxicated persons or persons, behaving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will not be permitted in the pool area at any time.
  12. Swimmers must wear proper and appropriate bathing attire. No thongs, cut-offs, jeans or other inappropriate attire will be permitted.
  13. Persons must stay clear of the guard stations at all times.
  14. Persons who demonstrate an inability to swim to the lifeguard on duty will not be permitted in the deep end of the pool.
  15. No large play equipment, playpens, wheeled vehicles, etc. (Except wheel chairs and strollers) are permitted in the pool area. No inline skates, skateboards, bikes and scooters are permitted.
  16. No pets, except Seeing Eye dogs, are permitted in the pool area or the surrounding premises.
  17. Instructional/safety flotation devices may be permitted when used under the direct supervision, within an arm’s length, of a responsible adult. No balls of any kind, frisbees, or other throwing/flying objects are permitted in the pool area.
  18. Running, pushing, wrestling, standing or sitting on another’s shoulders, are prohibited in the pool area.
  19. Diving is allowed in designated areas only.
  20. All refuse must be placed in containers provided for this purpose. Keeping the facility clean is everyone’s responsibility.
  21. Diaper-age children must wear either swim diapers or disposable diapers with proper fitting rubber pants while in the baby pool. All diaper-aged children must also wear a bathing suit over their swim diapers.
  22. Breaks – There will be a ten (10) minute rest period for children each hour. This period may be extended to a total of fifteen (15) minutes if the pool manager deems it necessary. During this period, children must be completely out of the pool to allow adults age 16 and over to swim. During this break, adults may swim with infants or toddlers that are held in their arms
  23. Children using the wading pool are the responsibility of the parent or guardian and must be accompanied by an adult age 14 or over at all times. Children age five (5) and over are not permitted within the wading pool enclosure.
  24. Radios, when used with headphones, are permitted in the pool area. At no time during regular swimming pool hours will radios without headphones be permitted.
  25. Gum chewing is prohibited in the pool area.
  26. Pool furniture shall be use on the pool decks and is prohibited in the pools.
  27. Steps and ladders into the main pool are to be used for ingress and egress purposes only and shall be kept clear at all times. Sitting or playing on the steps or the ladders is not permitted.
  28. Water guns of all types will not be permitted within the confines of the pool. This includes “super soaker type” guns as well as small water pistols.
  29. Pool Noodles ARE permitted in the water, INFLATABLE Pool Floats ARE NOT permitted in the water.